About our center

Physio-One center is the only physiotherapy and rehabilitation specialty center located in Dammam. The center is supervised by a group of wellknown specialists and consultants in the field of rehabilitation and physiotherapy ــــ specialized in Sports medicine, Orthopedic, Neurology and Movement Science/Biomechanics ــــ who obtained a doctorate and master's degree from America, Australia, and UK -  to be your first appropriate choice to receive the optimal medical care based on the latest scientific and research developments in the field of rehabilitation through the utilization of state-of-the-art diagnostic and therapeutic devices and methods provided by Physio-One center.

Our Mission

•    Provide comprehensive and optimal rehabilitation and physiotherapy services for improving the quality of life of each patient and to become functionally independent.

•    Serve our clients and patients to reach their optimal health potential that meets all of their personal needs and their physical abilities as much as possible.

•    Provide diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of recent and chronic injuries; in addition of, developing customized preventive programs that require identifying risk factors leading to the recurrence of injury.

•    Provide a comprehensive examination and evaluation for sport practitioners ــــ amateur player, professional athletes, and elite sport players ــــ  for the sake of developing their physical and fitness skills, maximizing their athletic performance as well as preventing them from sport-related injuries.


Our Values

Excellence, innovation, integrity and  sincerity, social responsibility, and commitment to professional values.